Lancashire Counselling Service offers counselling and other theraputic interventions in Blackburn. Please click on the link above "Lancashire counselling services" for more information of our services.

Lancashire Counselling Services has a long and proven history of helping people of all ages and from all backgrounds to overcome difficulties in their lives. We treat everyone as a unique individual and tailor our approach to suit their needs. We can help with a wide range of issues (Some of these are listed at the bottom of this page) that many people experience.

Why Counselling/Psychotherapy?

You may be experiencing times when it feels like life is a difficult and a feeling of emotional confusion or pain. You may feel that you are not living to your potential and that there is more to life. In the past you may have spoken to friends and family for support and gain understanding, but sometimes we need more than this. Counselling/psychotherapy provides an environment to explore your thoughts and feelings, to be listened to, to offload and explore issues you are struggling with that perhaps lead you to feel frustration, anger and emotional pain.

At Lancashire Counselling Services we will help you explore the issues you may be struggling with in a non-judgemental, confidential and safe environment.

The experience of exploring your thoughts and feelings with another individual can relieve your sense that you are entirely alone with your problems.

The experience of counselling/psychotherapy can help with your self-awareness and understanding to enhance your relationship with yourself and others and improve your self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing. This in turn gives a sense of empowerment and the feeling that life can be enjoyed rather than endured.

Counselling/psychotherapy can last for a short or long period depending on the nature of the issue that you wish to address. This will be mutually agreed through discussion in the first appointment.

What Benefits can be Expected?

? Personal insight
? Increased confidence and self-esteem
? Clarification of confused thoughts and feelings
? Assertiveness
? Ability to cope better in difficult circumstances
? Increased emotional awareness of self and others
? Improved relationships
? More effective communication
? Resolving of conflicts
? Increased motivation
? Allowing personal development and potential to become unstuck and grow

What can counselling /psychotherapy can help with?

We have listed some of the categories that counselling/psychotherapy can help with but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Lancashire Counselling Services can help with the following issues:

This list is not exhaustive so please contact us for further help and information.

 Abuse                                                      Addictions                                            
ADHD/ADD Anger Management
Anxiety Asperger’s
Autism Bullying
Bereavement & Loss Dementia
Child Abuse Eating Disorders
Depression Fears & Phobias
Gay & Lesbian Issues Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Panic Attacks Physical Illness & Pain Control
Lack of Confidence Life Changing Injury
Low Self Esteem Mental Illness
Panic Attacks Post Natal Depression
Relationship Issues Separation & Divorce
Sexual abuse Stress
Trauma Work Related Stres