Lancashire Counselling Services is committed to evidence based practice. In addition to keeping up-to-date with research and practice developments in the field of counselling and psychotherapy, we collect our own data in the form of client feedback and outcome measures.


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The CORE System is widely used in the NHS and in other agencies to measure counselling outcomes. The system comprises of a set of thirty-four questions on the client’s health and well-being. The questionnaire is completed at the beginning and at the end of therapy. Any positive changes in the total CORE scores suggest a successful outcome. Over the last six months of using the CORE System with clients (n=34) all have recorded clinically significant changes in their overall scores indicating a 100% success rate in terms of improved client health and well-being.

We are very proud of our feedback that we recieve from our clients, course attendees and our funders. We publish all feedback from our clients irrespective of content. All quotations are authentic.


July - Dec 2011

"It is much easier to talk to a stranger who's not oppinitated about your life. They listen, they talk and sum up to you to make that change inside if you really want to. And i did." SB 

"Turned around my negativity and the way i think before i speak and not to take this personally." JM

"I have gained an understanding of the way i was feeling and thinking they way i was. Through the therapy sessions i started to sleep better and relax more due to me realising that some things are not so important as others." DF

"Just talking to someone who isn't going to judge me, feeling like i can talk to someone who listens and want to help and being able to help myself through therapy and in the future." LB

"I have learnt how to take control of life again after a period of becoming reactive to others." SF

"Having an open and non-judgemental environment where my thoughts and feeling are valued, is something that has been missing from my life for a long time. Accessing this resource has been a very positive experience and helped me to address several aspects of my life." KD

"I can deal with everyday life and anything that is thrown at me with a smile on my face and with the confidence that i can overcome or deal with it. I am genuinly happy. At first counselling was used as my support network and it was my last chance before i would take serious risks and attempts to take my life. The support given to me in counselling has helped me become human again, possibly for the first time and i have developed as a person through my time in counselling. I now feel i can deal emotionally with things and most importanlty i can leave things in the past and accept these things and use my experiences to mould and help me in the future." NM

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