Lancashire Counselling Services offers individuals counselling/ therapy that creates a respectful, confidential and safe environment where clients can explore their emotional difficulties, create internal resources and discover solutions. A range of therapies are offered to suit the needs of each individual. Please contact us for further information.

some of the main catorgories are:

  • Person Centred counselling
  • Humanistic counselling
  • Integrative couselling
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Creative Therapies

Do I need Counselling or Psychotherapy?

There is lots of debate around the terms counselling and psychotherapy. In general the argument and belief is that counselling is a short term relationship and psychotherapy is like counselling but longer term and more in depth. At Lancashire Counselling Services we offer both explanations of therapy as it is difficult to say that a client only needs counselling or more in-depth work from the start. We prefer to flow between the two as your needs and level of therapy will change throughout your sessions.

For this reason Lancashire counselling Services employs therapists that are adequately trained to work in multiple models of therapy and are able to work at all levels that the terms counselling and psychotherapy cover. We will always place you with the best therapist for your needs.

Please Contact Us for more information or to make an appointment.

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